About Me

I love car rides complete with singing at the top of my lungs. I am overly passionate about my alma mater, NC State. And good coffee and a good book are two things that I believe everyone should experience on a regular basis. 

More importantly though, I love people. Getting to know someone (typically over a cup of coffee), hearing someone’s story, where they came from, and what they want out of life or what makes them passionate are just some of the things I enjoy learning. 

Over the years photography has really become my main creative outlet. I was drawn to the idea of photography for the way it lets you take a small snapshot of a moment, but also lets you tell a story through an image or images. Being a photographer has given me the privilege to tell other peoples stories, something I do not take lightly. Telling someone's unique story is the opportunity to connect with someone, to capture a moment that can be cherished for years. I am a nostalgic person and I find that photographs have always allowed me to look back on a moment in time, a season of life and remember it all from the actual events to the emotions felt. I love being able give this to others.